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Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen

NAME: Leiloni Cloutier SUBJECT: Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen
GRADE LEVEL: 4-6 LENGTH: 30 Minutes


1. As a result of this lesson, students will experience how a multi-genre lesson works. They will gain knowledge from several areas of study. In using the book Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen, students will experience lessons from the following subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Music, and Art.

Materials/Special Arrangements/Individual Modifications
Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen, a kick ball, four bases, lyrics for “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” paper, crayons, the poem, “Casey at the Bat,” peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Baby Ruth candy bars.
During Instruction

Introductory Activity: Art—give the students two minutes to make their own baseball card. They are to draw what they think a baseball player looks like and add any additional information they wish. They are to share their baseball card with the class.

Developmental Activity:
1. The teacher will hand out a copy and read the poem, “Casey at the Bat,” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer to the class.
2. The students will get into groups of four or five and make their own poem about the players on their baseball cards. They will present their poem to the class.
3. English—the teacher will introduce the book Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen to the class. The teacher will explain what a biography is and then read the book aloud to the class. After reading the book, the teacher will discuss it with the class.
4. Spelling—the teacher will have the students make a word search of their choice using baseball terminology. They may use other resources to help them find words.
5. Mathematics—the teacher will provide the dimensions of a baseball field so students can come up with mathematical questions using the dimensions provided. For example, how many feet would you run if you hit a double? The students will get into groups and share their questions with their peers. Together they will come up with an equation and solve the mathematical problems. The students will hand in their questions and answers.
6. Science—the teacher will divide the class into six groups. Each group will be given a category of the baseball field and provide information for the other classmates about their category of the field. The six categories of the baseball field are: ball field, infield skin, the pitcher’s mound, watering the ball field dirt, maintaining ball field dirt, and umpire’s mud. The teacher could use the following website for information The students will hand in their information.
7. Social Studies—the teacher will have students work in groups. Each group will find information about the history of women in baseball. Each group will find at least one date to share with the class. The class will take all of their information and make a timeline. For example, in the 1890’s the Bloomer Girls baseball era started. It lasted until 1934 (
8. Music—the teacher will give each student a copy of the lyrics from Jack Norworth’s 1927 version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and have them sing it together.
9. Physical Education—after giving the students an overview of the rules of baseball, the teacher will take the students outside to let them play a baseball game. If baseball bats are not allowed, the teacher could play kickball using baseball rules.

Concluding the Lesson:
The teacher will collect all of the information from the students and make bulletin boards to show off their work. The last day of the unit the teacher could have a day where the students invite their family and give a presentation of the information they have found. After the presentation, everyone could enjoy a snack of hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.


Evaluation of Student Learning: Evaluation of student learning will be based on the following:
1. The student’s participation individually and in their group’s assignments.
2. The student’s presentation on the last day.
3. The student’s assignments that are turned in.

I used the following websites for information:

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